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7,000 city workers await vax decisions FREE

Nearly 7,000 city employees who sought exemptions from vaccine mandates on religious or medical grounds, most of them police officers, are either awaiting decisions on their appeals or haven’t yet …
Recovery workers at Ground Zero signed the last remaining World Trade Center structure, Column Number 1001B of Two World Trade Center, in 2002. The WTC Health Program is recommending that all types of uterine cancer, including endometrial cancer, be considered as 9/11-related conditions, after a push from advocates to get the program to reconsider its 2019 decision rejecting the addition.
The World Trade Center Health Program is considering adding uterine cancer as a 9/11-related health condition, more than two years after the program rejected the illness as a covered condition.
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The Twin Parks North West apartment building after the Jan. 9 fire that left 17 people dead, including eight children. The City Council last week passed a series of fire-safety bills, several addressing the causes of that fire.
In the aftermath of January’s Twin Parks Bronx fire that claimed the lives of 17 residents, eight of them children, the City Council passed a series of bills last week to address faulty …
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Nail salon workers seek hands-on approach for better pay FREE
Menuka Simkhada, a Nepali nail technician who has worked on the job for six years, is struggling to raise two children on an hourly salary that is below the city’s minimum wage.Although lawmakers a …
Trader Joe’s workers in western Massachusetts ring union bell
In the 1960s, Joe Coulombe had a novel idea.   To distinguish his new Pasadena, California, grocery store from others, he would pay his workers a higher wage and provide them with …
Nurses want protections against mandatory overtime
Working any job for 24 hours straight is physically and mentally draining. But for nurses, it’s a common occurrence — and it can be outright dangerous.“Imagine after you finish working your …
Court says city’s diaphragm compression law is constitutional
City police officers are once again prohibited from using certain types of restraints when making arrests. 
In Harlem, mixed sentiments for a mega development
On the steps of City Hall last week, nearly three dozen union members and representatives from 32BJ SEIU and Local Laborers 79 chanted "Build it now!" for the City Council to approve upzoning to to accommodate a massive redevelopment project in West Harlem.
Labor Nation

Consumers defy inflation to support economy. For how long?

With prices across the economy — from food, gas and rent to cars, airfares and hotel rooms — soaring at their fastest pace in decades, you might think Americans would tap the brakes on …
Labor Perspectives
Letters to the Editor
To the Editor: There has been much bemoaning from the business community over the combination of low unemployment and workers quitting jobs that pay poverty wages.
To the Editor: Mayor Adams has done a disservice to New Yorkers with his wrongheaded response to the recent Covid surge.
To the Editor: Former first lady Rosalyn Carter famously once said of the man who replaced her husband “I think he makes us comfortable with our prejudices.” 
To the Editor: As a retired NYPD cop, I believe that in many serial killer cases, someone, often police officers and supervisors, drop the ball at an early stage of the case. 
To the Editor:  Only a short time into the gubernatorial primary season, I already find myself weary of the ubiquitous campaign ads. One constant theme coming from those who wish to replace …


The United Federation of Teachers argues that the suspension of 82 members, including teachers and school psychologists, for purportedly using bogus vaccine cards violates the terms of its collective …

A healthy economy, yes, but also vigilance

Mayor Eric Adams is giving the virus some time. As cases attributable to yet another variant continued to rise in the city and state, the mayor on Monday declined to say if and when he would …


New York City must reinvent its economy

New York City is in recovery mode. After being the epicenter of a devastating global health pandemic, we have been left to reckon with the fact that we have to reinvent our economy and start on a …
Wake-Up Call

Rowling: provocative, yes, but a global treasure too

J.K. Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter masterpieces and the Fantastic Beats films, has become a controversial and divisive figure. She will be excluded from an HBO retrospective on the Potter …

With regression comes responsibility: Step up, men!

As we all prepare to go back in time to a period when more than half the American population can no longer count on a guarantee of reproductive health as a federal guarantee, it’s past time to tell …

At Grinnell, students’ union victory continues

The Amazon Labor Union’s losing effort to unionize the company’s LDJ5 warehouse in Staten Island, just weeks after their amazing victory at the JFK8 facility, was unwelcome news.  But on …
Work rules by Barbara Smaller

Your money

What to do if you get an IRS notice

Each year, the Internal Revenue Service sends millions of letters and notices to taxpayers for a variety of reasons. Although some people may feel anxious when they receive one, many are easy to …

New York City’s TRS and taxes

The Teachers’ Retirement System of the City of New York administers two retirement plans: 1) An Internal Revenue Code Qualified Pension Plan and 2) an Internal Revenue Code section 403(b) voluntary …