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CWA 1180, city reach tentative contract deal


The Communication Workers of America Local 1180 and the Adams administration have reached a tentative contract agreement that, in addition to providing raises, would establish a flexible work committee much like the one enacted by District Council 37 earlier this year.

The retroactive pact, which runs from Dec. 13, 2021, through June 12, 2027, follows the wage pattern that was set by the DC 37 deal earlier this year. It includes four annual 3-percent raises, a final 3.25-percent raise on Dec. 31, 2025, and a $3,000 ratification bonus. 

The contract, which must still be voted on by the union’s members, covers about 8,200 supervisors across every city agency, including administrative managers, principal police communications technicians, associate call center representatives and assistant directors.

“Local 1180 members are part of the essential city workforce that provides services to all New Yorkers who count on us every day to make sure they have what they need,” said CWA Local 1180 President Gloria Middleton. “I am pleased we all worked together to negotiate in good faith to bring our contract to conclusion.”

If enacted, the tentative deal will allow the union and the city to create a flexible work pilot program. DC 37 launched a similar pilot program in June allowing qualified members to work from home two days a week.

The pact also increases the union’s welfare fund contributions and expands the number of workers who will be entitled to experience differentials, longevity, recurring increment payments and annuity contributions.

Middleton explained that associate coordinating managers would lose their experience differentials upon being promoted to coordinating managers, but they will be eligible for the benefit. She noted that associate directors at Health + Hospitals, who were added to the list of titles covered under the union two years ago, would also now be eligible for the benefits.

“Our members deserve every dime. I hope our members will gladly approve of this contract,” she told The Chief during a brief phone interview.

The union has not yet set a date for the ratification vote, but Middleton anticipated it will be sometime next month.

“Ensuring the hardworking members of CWA Local 1180 get fair wages and benefits is critical to recruiting and retaining top talent within our city’s workforce, and ensuring we continue to ‘Get Stuff Done’ for New Yorkers,” said Mayor Eric Adams. “As this contract remains consistent with the contracts of many of the other unions we’ve settled with this past year, we were able to budget these overdue wage increases in this year’s Adopted Budget.”

The deal is estimated to cost $379 million through Fiscal Year 2027, according to City Hall. Labor Commissioner Renee Campion noted that the city has settled labor agreements covering 84 percent of the municipal workforce.

“This administration will always put working people first, and we are proud to have reached an agreement with CWA Local 1180 that is fair to both our workers and the taxpayers,” she said in a statement.

The city and CWA Local 1180 reached a $15-million settlement in 2019 after the union filed a lawsuit charging that the city had discriminated against the women and people of color who made up a majority of administrative managers. The lawsuit spurred the City Council to enact Local Law 18, a 2018 law that mandates the city to publish municipal employee pay data annually.


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  • On 9.11 mayor asked EVERY city agency to provide a plan to cut budget by 15%. On 9.22 CWA contract is agreed on. How is it possible?

    Wednesday, September 20, 2023 Report this

  • Hendrix

    The article fails to mention CWA 1180 is yet another Union who sold out it's retirees healthcare for raises.

    Why doesn't President Gloria Middleton mention this sell out to her members?

    Friday, October 20, 2023 Report this


    Gloria also didn't mention the giveback her union voted to support, was Medicare Advantage by Aetna - a managed care plan for Medicare Eligible Retirees with prior authorizations and no freedom to see doctors like in Traditional Medicare. Many Drs & Hospitals do not accept this plan and we PROVED that in court. What Gloria also failed to tell her employees, is if this plan was effective and they were forced to waive their City Benefits to stay in Traditional Medicare not only would their families lose their health care too, they would also lose their Welfare Fund benefits!

    Speaking with her employees this week, most appeared to be nearing Medicare age, none knew this, and defended her staunchly.

    Friday, October 20, 2023 Report this

  • Kate8475

    Unbelievable (NOT!) how surreptitious 1180 is regarding the healthcare giveback.

    Wednesday, December 20, 2023 Report this