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Who is watching the store?


To the editor:

As a DC37 member and retired staff member of DC 37, it is heartbreaking to read that AFSCME has placed the union’s Retirees Association under administratorship. 

What is the real deal here? The stated reason for the administratorship shy away from a referring to the Medicare Disadvantage plan fight with DC37 and the MLC. 

There appears to be a propensity for AFSCME to allow its affiliates to ignore financial standards and codes for political reasons.

They charge that audits were not performed since 2017. That is concerning, but what was AFSCME doing from 2018-2023? At this time, they are not making any claims of any financial wrongdoing. AFSCME is not serious about unionizing. They instead are furnishing anti-union groups with ammo. 

There is a pattern of AFSCME not demanding fiscal compliance and allowing politics to determine compliance. 

Who is watching AFSCME? This is scary. 

Eddie Gates


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