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Two-tiered justice


To the editor:

Talk by political pundits about a two-tiered justice system is a hot topic on the cable news stations and on the Sunday morning talk shows lately. Depending on your party affiliation, it's either a hard yes or a hard no.

One place in New York City where a two-tiered system of justice sits proudly, smiling like a Cheshire Cat for all the world to see, is at the MTA. 

Maintenance of Way General Superintendent Kenneth Foster is the latest scourge to heap embarrassment on the MTA and stain the carpets at 2 Broadway with his vile ooze. Caught on camera behaving like the obnoxious adolescent he is, he hurls multiple verbal obscenities on a public street at a female whose only offense was posting fliers of Israeli children kidnapped by Hamas. 

Foster also felt this same lady deserved a middle-finger salute as well. Then Foster attempts to justify his boorishness to the media by hiding behind the First Amendment. The same First Amendment that has protected his hateful rants on his personal Facebook page.

The tragically sad part of this scenario is that chances are Foster will get away with all this and go completely unscathed as the MTA routinely protects their upper echelon and has coated their top administrators with Teflon.

John Landers 

NYCTA tower operator, TWU Local 100 shop steward


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