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The body politic


To the editor:

Why are union leaders, including TWU 100, in NYC and governments nationwide allowing Medicare Advantage plans for their workers and retirees?

They all claim to be cutting fat. However what they’re doing instead is cutting arteries, veins and even the bone itself to try and save money.

MA plans have been shown to aggravate illnesses by delaying or denying care at a critical time of their illness.

Focusing on preventive medicine and treating the whole patient holistically improves quality of life and keeps health-care costs down while delivering better overall care. We should all be thinking on how we can preserve life and make everyone’s meal a safer and more enjoyable experience.

We need to preserve city retirees’ health care and encourage them to keep their public option in Medicare. 

Celso Garcia

Bus operator and TWU 100 member 


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  • namrogm

    Very good and well said. Thank you!

    Wednesday, September 20, 2023 Report this


    Yes! The reason the unions are supporting a move to Medicare advantage, is because they are told that it is better than the traditional public health benefit of Medicare. They are also told if they move Retirees into the Medicare advantage, they will get a raise. They believe the insurance sales pitch that their free plan is better than what is currently provided to retired union labor Through Traditional Medicare. It is a lie. Because they are not aware they buy the lie selling out Retirees and their own current members. Management is elated as they scored a major give back. And employees don’t even realize they just gave themselves up.

    Friday, September 22, 2023 Report this