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Stormy forecast


To the editor:

Donald Trump warned of “death and destruction” if he is indicted for paying hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels. It looks likely that Trump will be indicted for misdemeanors or possibly even felonies.      

Trump brought on death and destruction on Jan. 6, 2021, but his team of traitors lost badly due to the bravery of the police officers at the Capitol. Many of Trump’s insurrectionists are now in jail and many more are looking forward to prison time. Marjorie Taylor Greene, oblivious to the law and the Constitution, led her group of congressional traitors to visit the January 6th insurrectionists in jail, calling them patriots.  

With all their loud talk and phony bravado, the last thing the “Greene gang” really wants is another January 6th. They don’t want to lose, and they don’t want to go to prison. The chances of Trump regaining the presidency and pardoning those in prison for the insurrection are so slim they are hardly worth a thought.

There won’t be another insurrection if Trump is indicted because of the lessons they learned after the January 6, 2021, insurrection. They know that NYC cops and other police agencies will not back down no matter how the traitors might want to attack, and so the would-be insurrectionists will probably either protest weakly or they will not show up at all.  

However, the NYPD and other police agencies will have to be on their guard for crazed individuals who could cause mayhem in any number of ways.

Michael J. Gorman


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