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Poor advocates


To the editor:

So, the TWU local 100 leadership first eliminates any opposition to their plans to sell out their own retirees. By firing the longtime director of the retiree association, they then put in two puppets to run the association, neither of whom has any knowledge of retiree issues.Then they reveal their contract that disenfranchises over 14,000 retirees.

To make matters worse, the two dolts who are supposed advocates for retirees, according to the constitution and bylaws of the association. 

Am I the only transit retiree who’s fed up? Where the hell is the outrage? The retirees should be screaming bloody murder!

There is a gang of clueless knuckleheads leading this once great union right over a cliff. Who rips off their own retirees? They are cowards. They did it because retirees don’t have a vote. In various publications, it was said that the value of the health benefits options that the cowards took away was valued at over $72 million a year. To the MTA, that’s $216 million over three years. Do the math and you come to the conclusion this once great union settled its contract on the back of retirees.

John Lawe, Sonny Hall and Willie James must all be rolling in their graves because of this injustice. 

Paul Rosenberg 

The writer is retired from an MTA subsidiary


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    Paul, there seem to be a lot of "dolts" lately. Uneducated union leaders are not protecting their retired unionists - even worse, they don't identify they will be us, or that we WERE them! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! No union should be forcing anyone into one managed privatized for-profit plan that many drs and hospitals do not accept, and many more drop every week. A group of fellow brother and sister retired unionists are fighting back & trying to educate active workers they are impacted too! Join TWU100R, www.twu100R.org sign up for their emails, go to their facebook page, donate to the legal fight to preserve what you earned and protect your healthcare! ORGANIZE! United we will win! NYC Retirees stand in solidarity with you!

    Marianne Pizzitola


    NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees

    Sunday, February 25 Report this