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Supreme disregard


To the editor:

Dahlia Lithwick, an attorney who writes about the U.S. Supreme Court, had some harsh criticism for the “performance” of the Justices on the High Court in the case of the State of Colorado disqualifying Donald Trump for acts of insurrection under Article 14, Section 3 of the US Constitution.  

Lithwick compared the clear anxiety of the associate justices to a train hurtling down the tracks with all the justices desperately trying to get off the train, that is, to avoid making a decision on a critically important case of first impression.  

The justices’ complete disregard for the well-reasoned decision of the Colorado court with their “dopey pragmatic argument that we don’t want to decide because it will allow shenanigans in other states,” according to Lithwick, is cowardly and political.  

Now that we heard the justices speak for themselves, we know why they don’t have their cases heard live by the public at large. Any wisdom and insight from the high court must come from their clerks if this performance is a fair example of their thinking.  

Michael J. Gorman


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