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Handcuffing police



To the editor:

The City Council’s How Many Stops Act is clearly a substitute for, or an addition to, the “Defund the Police” movement. It’s intentionally meant to prevent police officers from doing their primary job, which is prevent crime, arrest criminals and help prosecutors put them in prison. The extreme progressives are not just attacking the small number of bad and corrupt cops that are on the job (a worthy cause), but they want to handcuff and emasculate good, proactive cops.  They are so hung up on what they see as the disparate impact of crime-fighting on minorities that they would rather prevent cops from fighting crime, and exploit every fault or mistake by good cops who are not perfect — with the support of attorneys who profit from the exploitation of honest mistakes by cops.  

Proactive cops who are dedicated public servants are the ones who are making the city much safer than it would be without their efforts. They need public support to be effective crime fighters. They compensate for do-nothing cops and “house mice” and who avoid dangerous and difficult jobs at all costs. The good cops don’t need rules and regulations that hinder them from doing their jobs on the street.  

Michael J. Gorman

The writer is a retired NYPD lieutenant and an attorney.


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