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Demolition men


To the editor:

Eric Ulrich, former Department of Buildings commissioner, was sitting with two men, one a mob-connected businessman, in the Cross Bay Diner in Howard Beach. All three men placed their cellphones at least 10 feet away from their table.  

This occurred soon after Mayor Eric Adams allegedly told Ulrich to watch his back and watch his phones. Ulrich himself testified that he believed Adams wanted to warn him that he was the target of a criminal investigation and phone conversations could prove legally hazardous.  

A former cop like Mayor Adams would know more than almost anyone else that tipping off a criminal suspect to help him avoid incriminating himself violates the ethical and professional responsibility of any public servant. If Adams in fact did as much, the appropriate word describing him would be “corrupt.” 

I don’t think the charges against a former member of the Adams administration should surprise anyone since the "police commissioner behind the scenes," Philip Banks III, is considered an unindicted co-conspirator in a vast corruption scandal during the de Blasio administration.  

Michael J. Gorman


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