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Chomskying at the bit


To the editor:

In response to Richard Warren’s March 13th letter, “What distortions?” I want to ask Mr. Warren a couple of questions that may help to clarify our positions and differences.  

1. Mr. Warren, do you believe that the American Civil War and World War II were justified?  (I’m talking about the participation of the North in the Civil War, and the United States in World War II).

2. Do you believe that the U.S. should play an important role (including military action, if necessary) in protecting the independence and freedom of our allies, including Taiwan (from China), South Korea (from North Korea), and the Baltic States, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia (from a probable invasion by Russia), if Putin is successful in Ukraine?

3. Noam Chomsky, whom you quote, is a critic of both capitalism and communism, and he sees both systems as undermining democracy and supporting authoritarianism. He doesn’t say they are equal threats to democracy. Do you believe capitalism is really as great a threat to democracy as communism?

Michael J. Gorman


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