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At the circus



To the editor:

When a District of Columbia Circuit Court judge asked Donald Trump’s attorney, John Sauer, if a president can order SEAL Team 6 to assassinate a rival and be immune from prosecution, Sauer answered with a qualified “yes.”  

He stated the president would have to be impeached and then convicted before he could be criminally prosecuted. Judge J. Michelle Childs noted that if this were true, the president could resign from office rather than face impeachment, and avoid future prosecution.  

This whole comical legal scenario shows what a poor legal team Trump has defending him.  Groucho Marx as attorney Larry Loophole, using the “Sanity Clause” in defense, would sound more intelligent and reasonable than Sauer. 

Any competent defense attorney would not be “caught with his pants down” as Sauer was. The attorney would say, “The criminal order in this hypothetical (to kill a rival) would not be carried out, and the president should be prosecuted after he was impeached and convicted, or when he left office.”   

Michael J. Gorman


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