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A healthy dose


To the editor:

With the indictment of Donald Trump, my health has improved significantly. So far, Alvin Bragg has come through.  Thank you, District Attorney Bragg.  

However, with Mayor Eric Adams' attack on NYC retirees with his phony Medicare Advantage plan, I’m looking for alternatives. These medigap plans that are alternatives to MAP may cost us each $7,000 or more a year for those of us who want to stay with original Medicare.  

However, let me note, with a healthy amount of sarcasm, that I have found several very inexpensive alternatives. The first is “The Just Stay Healthy Medical Insurance Company.”  No medical treatment; just positive thinking and meditation to cure all that ails us seniors.  

There is a version of this company for younger folks: “The Don’t Get Old Medical Insurance Company.” They also recommend a living will that states, “Don’t resuscitate if patient falls asleep too often or shows signs of aging.”  

Another alternative to MAP should catch on quickly: “The Everything Everywhere All At Once Hollywood Cure-All.” Very inexpensive. Just watch the movie over and over until you are cured or peacefully pass away.  

I feel better already!

Michael J. Gorman


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