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It makes you wonder, if we as labor are truly Democratic, then why are some union leaders going to great lengths to create obstacles in union elections? Such obstacles as reduced number of polling places, in person balloting, no electronic voting... The PBA held electronic voting to pass the CBA last year that boasted the highest turnout nationwide for a ratification vote. Out of 21,861 members, 18,519 PBA members voted. That is something to be proud of and shows member engagement. Versus a union that prevents an election from being held to exclude seasonal workers or another union who reduced polling locations and set up in person voting only requiring low income unionists to travel to cast a vote. When only *** votes were cast out of 23,000, a common sense statement would have been, "Gee, we are doing something wrong that our members are not voting" instead of celebrating a victory from keeping the peoples voices from being heard. It also reflects an apathy, when we can't afford that. We can't argue against cities purging voter rolls or reducing polling places when some of our own union leadership are doing the same thing, under the guise of "solidarity" or "union democracy." We should be held to a higher standard.

From: Public-sector workers' right to sue their union goes on trial

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