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You are welcome Kate. And Ray, thank YOU. It is because of what Retirees gave, and all those like you, that we fight. Retirees matter, retiree service matters, the promise that you kept matters, and the one you equally relied on in return matters. You are a proud union retiree, and should not now, in retirement have to fight for your healthcare. We were always protected until Henry Garrido and Michael Mulgrew thought it was ok to sell off retiree healthcare and privatize Medicare and bully the rest of the MLC into going along with it, Its time to bring union leaders back to where they should be - protecting retired unionists benefits and not privatizing healthcare. And then we need to fix the MLC, becuase this should NEVER happen again or the union movement will be irrelavant.

From: Privatization by any other name still stinks

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