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What an excellent opinion piece by Marianne Pizzitola. The Chief should write an article about her and the truly

unbelievable job she has done to defend retiree rights to Medicare. Without her leading this fight along with others approximately 250,000 retirees would have already been forced into a privatized Medicare Advantage Plan. If there was an Academy Award for outstanding labor leaders she deserves it. Almost non-stop, day in and day out, Marianne has done everything possible to protect our health benefits. Can anyone imagine how difficult it must be to stand up and fight Mayor Adams and the leadership of some of the largest municipal unions on our behalf. It can't be easy. I salute a truly great labor leader. A tip of the cap to Marianne Pizzitola.

Ray Markey, President (Ret.) NY Public Library Guild Local1930, VP (Ret.) DC37 Exec. Bd., AFSCME

Member - Labor for Traditional Medicare

From: Privatization by any other name still stinks

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