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Yeah, like when the Dems blocked Medicare for All, or was that the GOP? As for electric cars, I didn't know Elon Musk (Tesla) was a Democratic toady or that GM, Ford, Mercedes, Volvo, Jaguar, etc. get their marching orders from Dems. It must have been some pressure campaign given that GM CEO Mary Barra announced they were going all-electric only 8 days after Biden took office on 1/28/2021.

And you can also always count on a Republican to bring up immigration regardless of the topic at hand. Except that there is a connection between Medicare and immigrants, only not what Reps think it is. Every demographer alive is saying that if the U.S. doesn't open its' borders to immigrants soon, Medicare and Social Security will go bankrupt in a few years due to low native birthrates. Talk about biting the hand that feeds (and takes care) of you.

From: Blurring party lines

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