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Thanks Mr.Pegues for giving us your point of you that expands my thinking process on the matter. Now I agree on most of your article but I have to ask a few questions. One cigs are cancerous and they do effect Blacks and Hispanics but what do you think allowing it would help in there health ( by the way I dislike cigs and any other form of smoke) the cancer rate is extremely high but not taking any action on cigs just keeps helping in destroying communities. Do you think weed is ok and I seen first hand how it actually affects people and thought process. The so called claim that it will do NO harm is ( my opinion ) a con. They have similar effects and may even do more harm than good ( other those who REALLY NEED iT for MEDICAL Reasons). Now the injustice in the system you mention is absolutely correct. No equal treatment. cancer is no joke and getting rid of the cigs and related helps reduce that by out law them than so be it. Now as far as punishment ( if any is really warranted ) I believe fines make those who choose to smoke help pay for medical cost and anything related . Jail time that’s over reaching on part of the system to give unequal treatment to minorities.

From: Is NYC’s criminal justice system about to become less equitable?

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