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Yes this has became a big problem I watched one guy at a Starbucks in my neighborhood that worked there press for the customer a $7.50 tip for an order that was only a little over $6 and everyone heard the customer say no tip and this guy pressed $7.50 the guy left didn’t notice but we all saw it a few minutes later came back and wanted a full refund for the coffee and the tip felt like he was robbed taken advantage of by this new system. I think it’s ridiculous. We have delivery guys in my neighborhood upper west side on Manhattan they will actually try to fight you for a tip at this restaurant we know as wok city on Amsterdam ave and west 67 st they demand tips and I mean they will follow you to your apt and bang on your door where’s my tip. This has gotten to be to much this is supposed to be a “if we want to give a tip” but we don’t have to so they need to change the law about that bc it is a problem especially when we are all struggling and have to pay taxes just to live in the city and work in the city we gotta tip in the city too! Next we will tip our bus drivers. Not for nothing aren’t we dishing out enough money right now to help support the migrants ? That’s not our job so we should get back what we dish out we tip we should get that back in our taxes then too!!!

From: Is tipping getting out of control? Many consumers say yes

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