To the Editor: Thankfully, most cops had enough sense to get vaccinated even before the mandate. But none of the reasons for resisting the vaccine mandate ever made sense. Cops have guns, badges and the power to arrest people. The fact that some don't have enough sense to protect themselves against a deadly disease is scary.

One reason given for such resistance (as reported in the Nov. 12 Razzle Dazzle column) is that police officers don't like to take orders. Really? Remember when stop-and-frisk was most out of control? How many cops resisted orders to stop X number of young black men whether or not there was justification?

Is the vaccine mandate really an issue that swung Staten Island voters to the Republicans? I thought Staten Island was already swung in that direction.

Many voters claim they want honest politicians. But when they get such candidates, they find reasons not to vote for them. Perhaps this is the real reason Sal Albanese has trouble winning elections. This can be among Republican-leaning Staten Islanders voting against his City Council candidacy and Democrats in 2017 choosing to re-elect the ethically-challenged Mayor Bill de Blasio rather than choose Albanese.

At least on the vaccine mandate, de Blasio is right. Nobody can be wrong all the time. Even the 1962 Mets won 40 games. But check out Crystal Lewis's Oct. 28 article for another example of wrong-headed de Blasio. After nearly eight years of doing nothing, he's established a cabinet to examine the city's racial and gender-based wage discrepancies. This with barely two months left in his term.

A different example of nonsense from the Nov. 12 issue is a Michael J. Gorman letter which suggests that if Democrats refuse to pass legislation dealing with climate change, health care and closing tax loopholes, this will pressure Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Simena to support the Voting Rights Advancement Act.

More likely, such a strategy will wind up getting nothing passed. How about trying to get all worthy legislation passed as quickly as possible? But I must say I never thought I'd see the day when Gorman suggested adopting the most irrational AOC-type strategy.


Retired transit worker

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