To the Editor: Notwithstanding the proof of bribery, blatant obstruction of justice, and shameless abuse of power by President Trump and his sycophants in Congress, lit up in neon lights by the testimony of Fiona Hill and Stephen Holmes on Nov. 21, the Democrats can lose the 2020 election to Trump if they don’t curb their hypocritical tendency toward political correctness.

I’m using the expression “political correctness” as an umbrella term to cover oversensitivity to impoliteness, crudeness, blunt criticism, lack of respect, including some of the excesses of the “Me Too” movement.

Why do we often hear unnecessary and effusive apologies by members of the liberal news media when one journalist, attorney, or foreign-affairs expert has the audacity to disagree with another member? Why not, “I couldn’t disagree more with you on…?”

This is what attorney and legal expert Neil Katyal said to NY Times Columnist Michelle Goldberg on an MSNBC panel regarding her criticism of Democrats for their strategies in challenging Donald Trump. Ari Melber, the host, said he would let Goldberg respond since she looked uncomfortable with Katyal’s blunt criticism.

This hypocritical, phony courtesy is often unnecessary and inhibits panelists from saying what they really mean. Unfortunately, this is mostly a problem for Democrats. Republicans go way too far the other way, led by Trump, who goes beyond crudeness with his racism, xenophobia and misogyny.

Those in the “Me Too” movement who refuse to clearly differentiate between inappropriate conduct of a minor nature, like that of former SNL comedian and Senator, Al Franken, and the drug rapes of Bill Cosby or the casting couch sexual abuses (if not rapes) by Harvey Weinstein, are not promoting fairness and justice, but are indiscriminately destroying careers and lives for their political, personal and financial reasons. This is primarily a Democratic problem.

Democrats should put on a thick skin, say what they really mean, and stop the politically-correct nonsense and hypocritical oversensitivity. Like Fiona Hill, if someone lights your pigtail on fire, put it out with your hands and get on with the work to be done.

This will be an election about who is tough enough to fight the Trump Republicans and control the quibbling Democrats. Obama had a little of the “iron hand in the velvet glove,” and that helped his career. The Democrats better find someone who can be tough on Republicans and Democrats if they want to win this presidential election.


Editor’s note: The writer is a retired NYPD Lieutenant and an attorney.

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