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Electrician's Helper Posts With City Start at $40 an Hr.

$85 Application Fee For; Multiple-Choice Exam; Experience Necessary; 35-Hour Work Week

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The city is accepting applications for Electrician’s Helpers through Aug. 24 for multiple-choice exams that will be scheduled at a later date. The current minimum salary is $39.90 per hour for a 35-hour work week. The application fee is $85. 

The Job

Electrician's Helpers, under direct supervision, work with electricians to install, repair, replace and maintain electrical systems, appliances, apparatus and equipment. They assist them in pulling wires and testing electrical systems; replacing defective light switches, plugs and lighting fixtures; checking signal systems; keeping them supplied with materials, tools and supplies; cleaning work areas, machines, tools and equipment; performing routine machine operations; and may operate motor vehicles or equipment in the performance of assigned duties. All Electrician's Helpers perform related work.

Some of the physical activities they perform and environmental conditions experienced are: reading meters in dimly lit areas; climbing and descending ladders, including working on bucket trucks or cherry-pickers; working in areas of hot temperatures and poor ventilation, including confined spaces requiring the wearing of a respirator; using both hands to work overhead; using handheld tools to saw conduit and cut wires; carrying tools, materials and equipment up and down stairs; and distinguishing colors.


Candidates should have either 1) Three years of full-time satisfactory experience as an electrician’s helper or apprentice electrician, or 2) at least one-and-one-half years of full-time satisfactory experience as an electrician’s helper or apprentice electrician plus relevant education or training acquired in a trade school, technical school or vocational high school to make up the equivalent of the remaining required experience. Six months of acceptable experience will be credited for each year of relevant full-time education or training.

The Test 

A multiple-choice test will assess the extent to which candidates have certain knowledge and abilities determined to be important to the performance of the tasks of an Electrician's Helper. Task areas to be tested are as follows: work- area preparation; tools and equipment; machinery operation; electrical installations, maintenance and repair work; and end-of-workday responsibilities.

The test may include questions on basic knowledge of materials used in the electrical trade; usage of tools and equipment used in electrical work; safe working/good housekeeping practices and procedures; basic knowledge of electrical installation; basic principles of electrical theory; basic electrical calculations; basic knowledge of diagrams, schematics and plans; and other related areas. 

It also may include questions that measure written comprehension and expression; problem sensitivity; number facility; mathematical reasoning; deductive and inductive reasoning; and information ordering. 

The tests will be given at a computer terminal. Applicants’ scores will be used to determine places on an eligible list. They must score at least 70 percent to pass.

For complete information on the position and on how to apply, visit

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