The Department of Citywide Administrative Services has certified sections of the eligible lists below for appointments and promotions in city agencies, subject to the 1-in-3 rule. Some of the appointments and promotions may already have been made.


ACCOUNTANT—109 eligibles between Nos. 9 and 211 on List 8050 for 3 jobs in Department of Education.

ADMINISTRATIVE EDUCATION ANALYST—389 eligibles (Nos. 1-389) on List 8036 for 8 jobs in DOE.

ASSOCIATE STAFF ANALYST—181 eligibles between Nos. 173 and 1298 on List 5014 for 5 jobs at Administration for Children’s Services.

BOOKKEEPER—104 eligibles between Nos. 126 and 456 on List 5015 for 4 jobs in Comptroller’s Office.

CLERICAL ASSOCIATE—156 eligibles between Nos. 137 and 1891 on List 8003 for 2 jobs in DOE.

COMPUTER ASSOCIATE (TECHNICAL SUPPORT)—10 eligibles between Nos. 513 and 1104 on List 7003 to replace any of 50 provisionals in Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

COMPUTER SERVICE TECHNICIAN—36 eligibles between Nos. 76 and 300 on List 5018 for 2 jobs in Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

COMPUTER SPECIALIST (SOFTWARE)—110 eligibles between Nos. 76 and 2127 on List 7005 for 2 jobs in District Attorney’s Office-Kings County.

COUNSELOR (ADDICTION TREATMENT)—74 eligibles between Nos. 1 and 77 on List 9019 for 1 job in DOHMH.

DECKHAND—1 eligible (No. 168) on List 9006 to replace any of 4 provisionals in Department of Transportation.

EDUCATION ANALYST—1 eligible (No. 139) on List 5021 to replace any of 3 provisionals in DOE.

EDUCATION OFFICER—2 eligibles (Nos. 252 and 275) on List 5022 to replace any of 4 provisionals in DOE.

FORENSIC MORTUARY TECHNICIAN—2 eligibles (Nos. 13 and 22) on List 8030 to replace any of 12 provisionals in DOHMH.

FORESTER—2 eligibles between Nos. 10.5 and 53 on List 8035 to replace any of 18 provisionals in Department of Parks and Recreation.

OILER—109 eligibles between Nos. 5 and 403 on List 4010 for 1 job in DPR.

PROCUREMENT ANALYST—42 eligibles between Nos. 497 and 820.5 on List 7019 for 1 job in Department of Environmental Protection.

PRINCIPAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSOCIATE—189 eligibles between Nos. 395 and 1306 on List 5039 for 4 jobs in Department of Citywide Administrative Services.

REVENUE EQUIPMENT MAINTAINER—25 eligibles between Nos. 11 and 35 on List 8615 for 25 jobs at NYC Transit.

STEAM FITTER—From List 7032: 31 eligibles between Nos. 38 and 82 to replace 2 provisionals in Department of Correction and 54 eligibles between Nos. 38 and 100.5 to replace 1 provisional in DOHMH.

TAXI AND LIMOUSINE INSPECTOR—4 eligibles (Nos. 158, 281, 440 and 594) on List 5046 to replace any of 43 provisionals at Taxi and Limousine Commission.

TRANSIT PROPERTY PROTECTION AGENT—180 eligibles between Nos. 55 and 718 on List 2617 for 40 jobs at NYC Transit.


CHILD PROTECTIVE SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR—70 eligibles between Nos. 11 and 804 on List 6508 for 15 jobs at ACS.

COLLECTION SUPERVISOR (REVENUE)—27 eligibles between Nos. 9 and 35 on List 6720 for 2 jobs at NYC Transit.

COMPUTER SYSTEMS MANAGER—1 eligible (No. 5.5) on List 9507 to replace any of 7 provisionals in Department of Consumer Affairs.

PLUMBER—3 eligibles (Nos. 1-3) on List 8546 for 1 job in DCAS.

SUPERVISING DEPUTY SHERIFF-AL I ((ONLY))—4 eligibles (Nos. 8-11) on List 5508 for 2 jobs in Department of Finance.

SUPERVISING SPECIAL OFFICER—2 eligibles between Nos. 14 and 18 on List 8519 to replace any of 4 provisionals in DCAS.

SUPERVISOR OF SCHOOL SECURITY—16 eligibles between Nos. 63 and 78 on List 4503 for 3 jobs in Police Department.


MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATOR—1 eligible (No. 1) on List 9999 for 1 job in Human Resources Administration/Department of Social Services.

SUPERVISOR II (SOCIAL SERVICES)—1 eligible (No. 1) on List 9999 for 1 job in HRA/DSS.


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