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To the editor:

According to the Hunter College website, the institution’s president, Jennifer Raab, has recruited distinguished faculty since her tenure began in 2001.

Is Shellyne Rodriguez, the now-fired adjunct art professor who has now tarnished the reputation of my alma mater by recently chasing down a reporter and photographer with a machete, one of that distinguished faculty? 

I proudly graduated from Hunter College in 1977. I went on to a distinguished career with the New York City Police Department, retiring with the rank of lieutenant.

My bachelor of arts psychology degree from Hunter enabled me to be an effective instructor in the NYC Police Academy. Instructors were required to have a college degree as per state accreditation requirements and I was proud to submit mine from Hunter College.

I was also able to parlay my degree as an instructor in the United States Coast Guard Reserve, where I was lead instructor in the Sea Partners Program. 

I have numerous awards and citations from both the NYPD and USCGR memorializing my many achievements.

How can Hunter College allow a person such as Shellyne Rodriguez to cross the threshold of an institution rightfully called the Crown Jewel of the CUNY system?

Jack La Torre


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