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Not for the people


To the editor:

Democracy is a system of governing in which laws, policies, leadership and major undertakings of a state, organization or organized group are decided by the people!

The hallmark of democracy is that it permits citizens (members ) to participate in making laws and choosing leaders and by voting in assemblies. 

The above is what all scholars agree is the correct definition of democracy, except at the TWU Local 100 offices in Brooklyn and in Washington, D.C.

Consider the following: John Samuelsen is the international president of Transport Workers Union, Richard Davis is the (appointed) president of TWU Local 100, James Whalen is the director of Local 100's Retiree Association. All three signed off on taking away of the traditional Medicare option for TWU Local 100 retirees, the MTA gained $72 million a year for a total of $216 million for that brilliant move. TWU local 100 got a mediocre contract and the Local 100 retirees got zilch, nada, nothing. 

When retirees complained, they were told by the local and its attorneys that they have absolutely no obligation to them. How in the name of everything sacred can that be a fact? They negotiate for retirees, all without allowing them to have a voice. Is that their idea of democracy?

I applaud the NYC retirees and Marianne Pizzitola in the effort they have put forth to protect the retirees. I just wish that the TWU retirees were able to launch a similar effort, maybe the spirit of Mike Quill will rise up in a transit retiree and resurrect his passion for justice, or maybe the current pretenders will see the light.

Paul Rosenberg


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