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A labor hero



To the editor:     

The Organization of Staff Analysts, a small New York City union, lost out on a golden opportunity in its awarding of their Labor Hero award.

Marianne Pizzitola and the New York Organization of Public Service Retirees operates with volunteers unlike the generously compensated union executive boards. The NYOPSR volunteers represent the thousands of municipal union retirees and active members who will be impacted by the potential creation of an inferior Medicare Advantage plan. 

The NYOPSR deserves the awarding of any labor union award for 2022. There are many questions to be asked of the Municipal Labor Committee and its select group of unions (including the Organization of Staff Analysts) who are pushing the disastrous Medicare Advantage plan.  

Why did the MLC agree to release $1.1 billion from the Healthcare Stabilization Fund to pay for salary raises for one municipal union? How did this shady maneuver protect health benefits for active and retired union members? Why hasn't the MLC investigated and implemented a consolidation of the 73 union welfare funds to save administrative costs? 

Why hasn't the MLC vigorously supported the city "self-insuring" health benefits, which would save enormous "risk charges" enjoyed by health insurance corporations? Why hasn't the MLC supported negotiated reduced healthcare reimbursement rates like Mayor Mike Bloomberg achieved? 

The OSA celebrates "transparency" but its umbrella MLC hasn't been forthcoming to its members. Not surprisingly, the Doctors Council and PSC-CUNY unions, which represent some of the brightest and most knowledgeable on health care, have been outspoken against the movement to any inferior Medicare Advantage plan with inherent prior authorizations.  

Sadly, some union presidents with their excessive $300,000+ salaries will have a golden parachute which protects them from sharing their memberships health care woes. Transparency can be found on the http://www.nycretirees.org website for all to see.

Joseph Campbell


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