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A defense


To the editor:

A recent letter by Joseph Cannisi missed the mark on three points.

First, why is the blame for January 6 being placed squarely on Donald Trump's shoulders? I was on the Van Wyck Expressway the Sunday before the riot when I witnessed a caravan of Trump supporters miles long (fortunately headed in the opposite direction). 

If someone asked me to waste time, gas, and wear and tear on my car, if someone asked me to trespass on federal property, risk my own safety, the safety of others and federal charges along with incarceration, I would tell them to go chase themselves. Why is Trump being blamed for the stupidity of his followers?

The second point missed is the popular vote does not elect the president; the electoral college does (see the election of 2000 and 2016).

The third point missed is no one is required to defend who he/she voted for. A citizen has the right to vote for the candidate of his/her choosing and the vote remains known only to the voter (unless he/she chooses to make it known). I am sure there are those that would consider a vote for Biden indefensible.

I am not a Trump supporter. I have many issues with him. I agree that bullying, intimidation, terror and vandalism are not acceptable methods to redress grievances with the government. I agree that Mr. Trump should not have stirred up his supporters. But no citizen exercising his constitutional right to vote for the candidate of choice should have his choice labeled "indefensible." 

Nat Weiner


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  • namrogm

    No citizen with any self respect has the "moral right" to vote for or support a demented narcissistic racist, misogynist, xenophobe who desperately wants to be America's dictator. Of course Trump inspired, encouraged and cheerleaded the Jan. 6 insurrection and encouraged his moronic followers to kill VP Mike Pence. Cannisi is right to use the word "indefensible," and I add treasonous.

    4 days ago Report this

  • reenjoe

    @Nat Weiner

    Remind me who it was that called the insurrectionists to D.C. on Jan. 6th because it "will be wild"? I guess Al Sharpton bore no responsibility for the unrest that followed his calls to action during the fake Tawana Brawley "****" episode either.

    And, what does the popular vote and electoral college (both which Biden won) have to do with the question at hand? - whether it is acceptable to help re-elect someone who tried to overthrow our government.

    Yes, a secret ballot shields citizens from justifying their votes, but it doesn't remove their culpability for electing a despot. Saying citizens have a right to so isn't a defense, it's a rationalization for a despicable decision.

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