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as a union member of the ibew i spent many a day walking to work and seeing the misery of these poor horses lined up next to central park. these carriage drivers again and again have shrugged their shoulders after every horse that has collapsed in the street turns out to be much older or far more ill than the owners claim it is. this isn't a "tradition" it's an outdated and cruel novelty with horses used as cash registers. as union members we must always look to the future if our unions are going to remain strong . replacing these 4 legged equine slaves with electric carriages is the future. let these horses live out their lives in green fields and not busy, exhaust filled and noisy city streets. it's the best move for not only these horses but for every union member as well.. the union can train those horse carriage drivers to drive the cruelty free electric carriages . this will mean no more cruelty and and it will create jobs.

From: Horse sense

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