To the Editor: If anything confirms the need for police body-cams, it's the Rayshard Brooks case.

The video shows a compliant but obviously drunk driver. He did not remember how he got to his rented car or even being in the Wendy's drive-thru lane. He did not know what road he was on nor what city he was in. He pointed to and described a bridge that was not there.

Yet Mayor Keisha Bottoms, a former judge, questions why the police officers didn't let a confirmed inebriated driver go sleep it off or get picked up.

The officers performed their duties patiently and professionally. Brooks brought this situation upon himself by violently resisting arrest. He stole Brosnan's taser and shot it at Wolfe as he was fleeing. He could have incapacitated Wolfe and taken his gun. Wolfe's actions are certainly defensible in a court of law.

The Black Lives Matter group is driving a false narrative against the police in this country. As a result, Wolfe is found guilty by the compliant media without due process. People are accepting the BLM Marxist agenda in a cult-like manner.

For those of us who refuse to kneel and subjugate ourselves to mob rule and anarchy, it's time to vocalize our support for our police officers. As a NYC firefighter, I stand with my NYPD brothers and sisters.


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