To the Editor: It's time for every citizen who loves America to stand up and take action by voting Nov 3. And, it's critically important that this year's vote consider the make-or-break aspects of this election.

Recognize that voting isn't a popularity contest. You're not voting because you like the candidate personally. You're voting because you approve of the candidate's policies and the long-term effects they will have on our nation.

Recent letters in this column decry President Trump as a racist, a xenophobe and a depraved white supremacist.

Let's take a look at some indisputable facts about him. Since he took office less than four years ago, we've seen one of the largest job gains in American history, quick action on COVID (travel bans, PPE and ventilator production, aid to states, treatment and vaccine development), peace accords between Israel and its Mid-East neighbors, $115 million to combat the opioid crisis, lowered drug prices, cuts to excessive regulations, more than $400 million in aid to veterans, over $2 billion in grants to battle HIV/AIDS, investment in low-income opportunity zones, and outstanding support of law and order, religious freedom and the Second Amendment.

Let's also look at some facts surrounding Vice President Biden. He's been in public office for 47 years and he says "now" is the time for change. He says that voters will learn about his stance on packing the Supreme Court after the election. He supported the 1994 crime bill that disproportionately punished nonwhites. Biden is anti-fracking, anti-gun, pro-tax and pro-abortion. 

So, consider the choices carefully, America. Don't be swayed by personalities. Be swayed by policies and know that this vote will truly determine the kind of country you will be living in for the foreseeable future.


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Just one question: Is Trump God's chosen one for creating a fairer, more just and moral world for all people? Just to follow up on your pro-Trump comments.

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