To the Editor: PBA President Pat Lynch is still an employee of the Police Department. He has engaged in Trumpian incivility by calling the leaders of New York City cowards. Is this projection or transference?

Has he chided the city and NYPD for assigning his members to full-time clerical, custodial and laborer duties.? Has he demanded that all Police Officers be placed on patrol to strengthen manpower to protect their brothers in arm? No!

Is this the work of a hero? This and true civilianization of non-police/patrol functions could reduce the budget strain of additional police hiring. The citizen of New York should not be duped into pitting Teachers or any other city employees against Police Officers. Haven't we learned that all city employees are ESSENTIAL?

Hiring for additional employees in any agency should be done after all staff have been utilized properly The city leaders should push back, call Lynch out for his irresponsible remarks and civilianize.


Retired City Employee/

Union Representative

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