To the Editor: One advantage of actually watching the Nov. 20 Democratic Primary debate is I actually got to hear what the candidates said as opposed to what the mainstream media wanted me to hear or read.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard stated that the trillions of dollars we spend on regime change wars we should not fight could be better used for health care, education, infrastructure and other worthy areas. Hillary Clinton’s candidate, Sen. Kamala Harris, responded by attacking Gabbard for criticizing President Barack Obama and other Democrats.

Gabbard rightly pointed out that Harris did not rebut any of her points, that she responded with a smear. Gabbard also said that was because Harris supported those policies. Since Harris did not deny this and is the choice of the warmonger Clinton, that’s a safe assumption.

Though the Daily News had three reporters co-writing the debate story, the only part of this exchange that was mentioned was Harris’ criticism of Gabbard for criticizing Democrats, and Gabbard’s rightly saying, “I’m not going to put party interests first.”

Those reporters also managed to ignore the exchange between Gabbard and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg. The mayor tried to claim he could do more because he was not a part of Washington. Gabbard quickly shot this down by showing that because of a lack of experience, Buttigieg answered “Yes” when asked if he would send U.S. troops to Mexico to fight drug-dealers.

Buttigieg tried to deny this, at which point Gabbard said, “We can Google this.”

Buttigieg then tried to question Gabbard’s judgment for her meeting with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. Gabbard quickly demolished this argued by pointing out numerous cases of American Presidents meeting with adversaries, going back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt meeting with Josef Stalin.

Buttigieg lamely responded with “Trump-Putin,” as if we’re not supposed to talk to the current Russian leader. I guess Buttigieg thinks he’s worse than Stalin.

Buttigieg is a Rhodes Scholar. So was one of our worst presidents, Bill Clinton.

There are two reasons someone being a scholar is not necessarily a plus. First, an insincere person will not enlighten you. Secondly, book learning does not always translate into real-life smarts.

Before the debate even started, we got propaganda from MSNBC commentator and Republican strategist Steve Schmidt warning that “In America, a sociopath will beat a socialist seven days a week and twice on Sunday.” The corporate media knows that if the public votes in their own interest, they’ll pick either Gabbard or one of two Senators, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. So let’s try to scare them into nominating another Republican Democrat with the threat of four more years of President Donald Trump.

Among the claims made by the corporate Democratic candidates is that we can’t afford Medicare-for-all without huge tax increases. In one debate, Joe Biden claimed we would not have enough money even if we wiped out all military spending.

This is news to Lindsay Koshgarian, who in an Oct. 17 New York Times opinion piece, “We Don’t Need to Raise Taxes for Medicare-for-all,” shows that eliminating only wasteful defense spending would fund it. Then there’s the continued criticism of alleged Russian interference in our 2016 election. Four months before the 1996 Russian election, President Clinton arranged for the International Monetary Fund to give Russia a $10.2-billion infusion of cash. Clinton came to Moscow a few weeks later to celebrate with the incumbent Russian President he favored, Boris Yeltsin. Four American consultants moved to Moscow and were paid $250,000 a month to help Yeltsin get re-elected. For more details, read the Boston Globe’s Stephen Kenzer’s Aug. 19, 2018 article, “How to interfere in a foreign election.” Considering what a fuss was made over the exposure of e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign and ads on the internet, we can imagine what the reaction would be if Putin did for Trump what Hillary’s husband did for Yeltsin.


Retired transit worker

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