To the Editor: Thousands of NYC retirees have to decide over the next month whether to accept the new Medicare Advantage Plus Plan or to "opt out" based upon a 44-page Plan Summary of Benefits booklet.

Retirees should have access to the full "Evidence of Coverage" to determine whether to sign on with any Medicare Advantage program. The EOC details each type of service covered, which ones may require prior approval, in and out of network co-pays and deductibles, appeals and much more.

The "Summary of Benefits" is not the contract. The "EOC: Evidence of Coverage" explains our rights and obligations and it must be available prior to making any decision on healthcare coverage.

Why are New York City unions asleep at the wheel and not demanding that the Medicare Advantage Plus EOC be released to their retirees?


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It is Sept.13th and we still haven't even received the official plan summary with the opt out forms. We need time to read all this information carefully before we will be able to decide if we want to opt out or not. The opt out period is Sept. 15th-Oct. 31st. Come on! Get us all the info including the EOC so we can make an educated choice about our healthcare!

Bennett Fischer

NYC unions are not demanding to see the EOC because most of them are on board with, and in bed with, the corporate insurance giants. Gregory Floyd, President of Teamsters Local 237, for one, sits on the board of Emblem Health, which is part of the insurance coalition, along with Anthem, that is administering the new plan. Not all, but most of the unions in the MLC are more interested in selling the new Medicare Advantage plan to their retirees than in revealing the messy details. The Summary of Benefits is 44 pages of happy talk, and that's just the way (most) union leadership likes it.

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