To the Editor: In response to Mark Wolf’s letter (Nov. 15 issue): before you try to give me a civics lesson on how the impeachment process works, get your own facts straight. If Trump is impeached, he will be the third President impeached in U.S. history. Nixon resigned before the articles of impeachment could be voted upon, and like Clinton and Johnson, Trump will remain in office.

I’m glad my letter inspired you to exercise your First Amendment rights, but I happen to disagree with most of your points.

In response to Cannisi’s critique of my letter, unlike him I will try to be as concise as possible. Yes I was wrong about Democratic-only questioning of witnesses in the impeachment circus. I incorrectly believed Rep. McCarthy’s charge that Republicans were being denied the right to question witnesses in closed sessions prior to sending my letter.

As for Merriam-Webster, lynching is not defined as a term applying to any one particular group; it is a verb with no defined racial overtones. His assertions about Adam Schiff, Rod Rosenstein, and Robert Mueller are opinions, just like my counter-arguments are opinions.

Just for the record, Mueller’s job was to prove guilt, not innocence. It is my opinion that Schiff is releasing cherry-picked testimony damaging to Trump to the media, and no, I have not read the hundreds of pages of the testimony. Given Cannisi’s busy writing schedule, I doubt that he has read them either.

As to the Clinton reference, in fact I did think Linda Tripp had a loyalty to Bush. Unlike Tripp, Eric Ciaramella had a higher-echelon role with Biden and Brennan. It is my opinion that this whistleblower under Schiff’s direction made a political decision to take out Trump.

As to his last point, Nixon’s abuse of power came as result of an actual crime committed and its subsequent cover-up. Trump’s crime was that he won the 2016 election, and people like Cannisi have been whimpering ever since.


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