To the Editor: For the most part, my letters focus on GOP shortcomings. However, one area where Republicans outshine Democrats is commitment. While I strongly disagree with GOP voters, I have to admire their dedication. Dems, on the other hand, are pathetic when it comes to being counted.

Take the past election. Much has been made of the Governors races in Virginia and New Jersey. Pundits talked about how issues like taxes and education dictated the results, but the real difference was turnout.

In 2020, Joe Biden received 2,413,568 and 2,608,335 votes in Virginia and NJ, respectively. One year later, Terry McAuliffe and Phil Murphy received 1,600,116 and 1,333,620 votes, respectively—over 2 million fewer votes. In contrast, the two GOP candidates saw a combined net drop of only 900,000 votes below those cast in 2020 for Donald Trump.

As for the NYC mayoral race, the result was a disgrace, with fewer than 1 million votes cast in a city of 8 million; roughly the same number of votes cast in Brooklyn alone in 2020. The low city turnout also killed Propositions 1, 3 and 4 that would have expanded voting rights, to the delight of the GOP.

This is a perennial problem for Democrats. Keeping them motivated is akin to herding cats, as nearly every Dem I know acts like Goldilocks: this position is too left, too right, omits this or compromises too much, etc. The result is progress stalled or reversed with each election loss.

In 2014, disinterested Dems handed the Senate over to Mitch McConnell and surrendered the Supreme Court in the process. I even know a few Dems who actually believe low-turnout election losses "send a message"; to me that message is, if I can't have it all, I'd rather lose what I have.

Further proof of how fickle Dems are is the President's poor approval rating. In under a year, Joe Biden saved tens of thousands of civil-service jobs and/or state and local tax increases with the American Rescue Plan, passed a desperately needed Infrastructure Act that has eluded every president since Eisenhower, created over 5.5 million jobs, grew GDP by nearly 8 percent, and the stock market rose 20 percent.

Yet, support among Democrats has dropped over 10 percent for their President because of short-term inflation driven by the pandemic. Just think of the crap Republicans swallowed during the last administration while remaining true. We Democrats have a lot to learn—either show up or shut up!


Retired 28-year DOT Employee


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Yes, people, get out and vote. The recent Nassau County Executive election was decided by just over 2,000 votes. The Democrat could have won if the Democrats got out and voted. Elections have consequences.

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