To the Editor: In response to my Letter To The Editor entitled "Trump Won't Go Gracefully," (Nov. 20 issue), where I wrote that Joe Biden won the presidential election and opined that Donald Trump would continue to sabotage America after leaving office, a reader posted a comment criticizing The Chief Leader for "becoming another two-bit, propaganda, fake news outlet ...".

This is the same lame criticism used by President Trump against the press for the last five years whenever the news doesn't benefit him.

The reader also wrote, "Deceptive reporting such as what was stated in this article is part of the should stick to journalistic facts not opinions and be unbiased in your reporting."

Apparently this reader doesn't understand the difference between a letter to the editor and journalism. A letter expressing its writer's opinion by its very nature can be partisan.

I am not a reporter. Any criticism of or disagreement with my opinions should be directed only to me, not The Chief-Leader.

The Chief is always fair and balanced, regularly publishing opposing viewpoints in its letters section.

Opinion letters have been a permanent presence in American newspapers for the last 200 years.

The reader also commented that the Chief Leader does not understand the Constitution of the U.S. because it reports "opinion, not fact."

Clearly this reader has absolutely no comprehension of the Constitution. It protects freedom of speech, yet the reader is attacking exactly that: our most basic, essential and precious protections under the First Amendment, including the right to voice our opinion within the boundaries of the law.

The vox populi was clear in this election. Joe Biden is the President-elect. He was projected the winner by all the major media outlets nationwide, just as Donald Trump was in 2016.

Simply because this reader and Donald Trump don't like the result in 2020 doesn't make it false.

This reader seems to think that only some can have an opinion and that the press is "fake news" when it doesn't agree with Donald Trump.

That is not democracy. That is a dictatorship that wants to impose a state-run media on its populace.

We cannot allow freedom of speech to be "shot" on Fifth Avenue.


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