To the Editor: With Labor Day approaching, campaigning set to intensify and the 2021 TWU Local 100 ballots set to be mailed out in November for a December tally, President Tony Utano fired off an email to the members that claims that "he uncovered a serious error in how the MTA is calculating paycheck deductions for Tier 6 Members."

That bald-faced lie is flippant and insulting. Can Utano elaborate on how he discovered this error? Was he personally reviewing members' paychecks?

Call this false claim "the New Fix Tier 6" promise of 2021. Going back to John Samuelsen's time as Local 100 president, this false promise starting in 2012 has been dead on arrival. Governor Cuomo vetoed it after he took Local 100's numerous and generous campaign contributions.

This is the latest bait-and-switch they can come up with to hoodwink and bamboozle the newer Local 100 members into false hope  that leads them to cast much-needed votes. How timely and convenient, discovering this so-called paycheck deduction error and promising a monetary kickback to the members right before an election.

Thankfully for union members and much to the chagrin of the current Stand United Administration, this Local 100 election is going to be highly contested, despite the fact that the election rules have been drawn up to favor the incumbents and kneecap the challengers.


Candidate for VP, TA Surface Division

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What's the supposed error?

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