ELEVATED: Imam Dr. Tahir M. Kukiqi, pictured with NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill, is the department’s newest Muslim Chaplain.

The NYPD’s newest Deputy Commissioner for Equity and Inclusion, Tanya T. Meisenholder, has worked in several capacities for both the department and other law-enforcement agencies in her more-than 20-year career.

Ms. Meisenholder, among more than 100 promotees announced Aug. 30, started her  career with the department in 2007 as an Intelligence Research Specialist. She previously had tenures with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and the Schenectady, Albany and Troy Police Departments.

Top-Level NYPD Jobs

The Deputy Commissioner was instrumental, in 2010, in the development of a joint Federal-State Strategic Enterprise Targeting Program while assigned to the NYPD’s Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Operations. She also held influential roles in the department’s rollout of NYPD 2020 and its Reengineering 2014 initiative.


PROMOTED: The NYPD’s newest Deputy Chief, Equity and Inclusion, Tanya T. Meisenholder, began her departmental tenure in 2007 as an Intelligence Research Specialist.

In 2015, Ms. Meisenholder was designated as Chief of Staff to First Deputy Commissioner Benjamin B. Tucker. She most recently was designated Assistant Commissioner, Strategic Initiatives.

She holds a BA in psychology from Louisiana State University; an MS in Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama at Birmingham; and a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the State University of New York at Albany.

Also promoted by Commissioner James P. O’Neill was Imam Dr. Tahir M. Kukiqi, who is the NYPD’s newest Muslim Chaplain.

Dr. Kukiqi, the vice president of the Albanian Islamic Cultural Center on Staten Island, has served on the department’s Muslim Advisory Council and as a Community Affairs Clergy Liaison. He also has collaborated with the NYPD’s Muslim Officers Society.

Uniform Promotions


Atara B. Ashford, Michael D. Black-Larkins, Anthony Blanco, Louis Capobianco, Jordan P. Castro, Erik Cintron, Carolyn Y. Cruz, David Cuce, John-Patrick Devine, Samuel Dorisme, Adolfo J. Enciso, Joseph M. Fastaia, Luke H. Gasquez, Steven G. Hollander, Collin H. Johnson, Kenneth Kang, Kevin I. Levenstein, James B. Markert, Andy Mosquea, Olivier P. Pasquet, Erickson Peralta, Carmelo Quiles, Antonio Reyes, Mark A. Riyanto, Andres A. Rosario, David M. Sansone, Shaun C. Tanner, Johnny K. Wong, Robert J. Wong, Ye Yuan, Ming H. Zhang.  


Christopher S. Alazraki, Salisha P. Alirasul, John P. Alvarez, Mohammad W. Amjad, Phillip Atkins, Mohammad M. Baig, Kevin P. Cameron Bryan P. Carney, Brian Cassidy, Ming H. Chen, Ming Yun Cheung, Tanim A. Chowdhury, Ronnette C. Cooper, Danilo Cruz, Kara L. Darcey, Antonio Dejesuslugo, Damon J. Delgado, Erika Diaz, Matthew B. Doherty, John P. Essig, James D. Fagan, Andrew Fernandez, Michael Fiandola, Jared L. Fink;

Christopher J. Fulgieri, Benjamin Fung, Jackeline Gonzalez, Manuel R. Gutierrez, Emily G. Harris, Saief A. Hasnain, James J. Heinz, Olsen Hoxha, Kelly M. Hughes, Robert Iannuzzi, Tabitha G. Jacquet, John E. Kenny, Imran Khan, Chris M. Krutzler, Conor J. Kubic;

Also Steven J. Lane, Michael J. Levin, John A. Lewis, Patrick J. Lindie, Peterson Lochard. James J. Loughren, Thomas F. Lowe, Brian P. Martin, Daniel J. McGuinness, Yilson E. Melendez, Michael A. Mercurio, Raphael E. Mero, Shaundel R. Murrell, JuanCarlos Palacios, Benjamin E. Paley, Angela M. Pennacchia, Alejandra M. Perez, Stephen A. Perretta, Sean D. Pitman, Mohammed A. Quader, Vincent M. Racioppi, Almir Radoncic;

Corey L. Reid, Francisco R. Rivera, Anthony P. Rosato, Bryan E. Rothwell, Ronald Sanchez, Jenique M. Scott-Cooper, Matthew H. Shaw, Jewwei Shih, Navdeep Singh, Karol Sokolow, Craig F. Spataro, Timothy R. Sprague, Richard A. Stevens, Ryan F. Sundblom, Mohammad H. Syed, Blake Taylor, Max D. Vasquez, Michael A. Vega, Flore Witherspoon, Brian C. Wolvers, Kevin Yip, Yuriy Zevelev.


Thomas C. Bates, Michael J. Caracciolo, Anthony Ciccotto, Robert T. Galarza, Michael M. Golden, James R. Haskell, Sarah C. Leclair, Stephen A. Loffredo, Brendan S. Maple, Steven L. Owens, Nicholas J. Pastore, Caitlin E. Steele, Christopher R. Vanslyck, Tasia A. Walker.

Civilian Promotions

Administrative Traffic Enforcement Agent (NM), level I: Mohammad Akram

Criminalist, Level II: Antoinelle A. Anderson, Roma S. Awan, Jomo L. Collet-Ortiz, Ann Marie Crea, Sarah E. Farrell, Luigi Forgione, Tara L. Goldfrank, Mariam S. Karim, Ashley E. Kuptsow, Darren M. Lam, Leonard L. Lee, Jennifer A. Maucher, Asad U. Mir, Alison Palombo, Daniel E. Pucillo, Robert A. Rotchford, Benjamin C. Torres, Lina-Mari Varghese.

Principal Administrative Associate, Level II: Charlene L. Moore.

Principal Administrative Associate, Level I: Joanne Jones, Zaida I. Morales-Dunk, Valerie T. Parks, Anita Wong.

Supervising Police Communications Technician: Kelley-Ann J. Belgrave, Shernell R. Miller, Natasha J. Sandy-McPherson.

Supervisor of Stock Worker, Level I: Terrence E. Samuels.

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