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The Council of School Supervisors and Administrations has reached a tentative contract that in addition to raises of 2, 2.5 and 3 percent over 45 months and six days provides added upgrades in salary for Elementary School and Junior High School Principals and grants up to 25 days of paid parental leave.

The leave program, which would become effective Feb. 23—even before the terms figure to be ratified by the union ‘s 6,400 members—can be used for post-birth child care, foster care and adoption. It must be used within six months of the “qualifying event,” Labor Commissioner Renee Campion said in a phone interview.

Can Spread Out Leave

Union members would be able to spread out their leave within that six-month period, taking a week, returning to school for a couple of weeks, and then taking another week off, for example. For anyone who sought to take advantage of the program prior to its official start date, the CSA made a commitment to cover the cost of that portion of the leave, Ms. Campion said.

Just as that program is a variation on the six-week parental-leave program negotiated by the United Federation of Teachers in June 2018, and the raises match those it agreed to that October, there are other provisions of the deal that are consistent with initiatives concerning Teachers that were aimed at upgrading education, particularly in struggling schools.

A differential of from $10,000 to $15,000 will be offered to individual Principals to either attract them to hard-to-staff schools or persuade them to remain there. The recipients will be chosen at the discretion of Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, in consultation with the CSA.

And a stipend will be provided to selected Lead Education Administrators to conduct flexible programs that will streamline and improve management in Department of Education offices.

‘Delays’ Fund Extra Hikes

The additional upgrades for Principals at the Elementary School and Junior High School levels are being funded by delaying the effective dates of the second- and third-year raises by three and five months, respectively, and through the extension of the contract, which if ratified would be two months and six days longer than the UFT pact, Ms. Campion said. Where top pay for Elementary School Principals under the CSA’s expired pact of $148,630 trailed the maximum salary for High School Principals of $167,222 by $18,592, and the Junior High maximum of $155,089 lagged more than $12,000 behind, those gaps would be narrowed over the course of the new deal.

The top rate for High School Principals as of May 23, 2021 would be $180,075, a bit less than $11,000 higher than the new maximum of $169,330 for Junior High Principals and $15,485 above the Elementary School Principals’ new ceiling.

CSA President Mark Cannizzaro in a statement highlighting some of the deal’s key gains said, “Those who protect and educate the city’s children deserve the time necessary to welcome their own children into the world, and we are proud to secure Paid Parental Leave that provides eligible members with flexibility and security during such a significant period in their lives…In addition, we have taken a significant step toward achieving more-equitable salaries for Principals.”

Raise-Payment Schedule

The initial 2-percent raise would be retroactive to April 23, 2019, the 2.5-percent hike would be payable this July 23, and the 3-percent hike would take effect Sept. 23, 2021. The city would also make a $2.28-million contribution to the CSA welfare fund this July 23.

The union’s membership also includes Assistant Principals, Directors, Supervisors and Education Administrators.

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