The Committee of Interns and Residents, a Service Employees International Union affiliate representing 5,000 resident Physicians in New York, Aug. 14 backed Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s run for Mayor.

“The resident physicians of CIR are proud to make Bill de Blasio our historic first endorsement for Mayor of New York City,” said CIR President Sepideh Sedgh in a statement.

‘Shares Our Discomfort’

“We need a leader in City Hall who is as unsatisfied as we are that the neighborhood that you live in, the amount of money that you make, your race, your gender, your sexual orientation, or your birthplace impacts your health and well-being far more than the choices you make or any treatment we can prescribe,” she said.

Mr. de Blasio has been the most outspoken candidate on the closing of struggling hospitals. He was recently arrested as part of a protest against the closing of Long Island College and Interfaith Hospitals, along with several union members.

“Bill de Blasio has put forward the best and most comprehensive plan to save our financially struggling hospitals in Brooklyn and has led the charge to protect the healthcare safety-net that our patients rely on,” Ms. Sedgh said. “When it comes to a vision of a New York City that works for all of us, rich and poor alike, Bill de Blasio is just what the doctor ordered.”

Mr. de Blasio, whose campaign appears to be on the upswing with a new Quinnipiac University poll putting him in first place among the Democratic field with 30 percent of the vote, said he would work with CIR to “prevent real-estate interests from turning our vital community hospitals into yet more luxury condos.”

“From ensuring that every New Yorker has access to healthcare when and where they need it, to creating affordable housing and ending the unjust abuse of stop-and-frisk, we need to work together to make sure New York is no longer a Tale of Two Cities,” he added.


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