CHALLENGES AHEAD: Benny Boscio will take the helm of the Correction Officers' Benevolent Association July 1.

The Norman Seabrook era at the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association has slammed shut.

Benny Boscio, a 21-year CO and the union’s sergeant-at-arms, trounced two candidates—including the incumbent president and longtime close ally of Mr. Seabrook, Elias Husamudeen—in union elections and will take the helm of the roughly 9,000-member union July 1. 


Mr. Boscio garnered 2,287 votes to First Citywide Trustee Albert Craig’s 971 and Mr. Husamudeen’s 815, according to election numbers released Saturday evening. 

The lopsided tally and Mr. Husamudeen’s last-place showing indicated that he was dogged by his affiliation with Mr. Seabrook, the 21-year head of the union who was convicted on Federal corruption charges for taking a $60,000 bribe in return for investing $20 million of COBA money in a hedge fund that later filed for bankruptcy. Mr. Husamudeen, as vice-president under Mr. Seabrook, succeeded him and served an entire term. 

He was also bedeviled by a contract brouhaha earlier this year, with rank-and-file members rejected an initial deal in March before approving it by a substantial margin June 1. 

Mr. Boscio became a COBA delegate in 2005 and joined the union’s executive board in 2010. 

In a message posted on Facebook, he thanked Mr. Husamudeen “as well as the former executive board.”

He said he would solicit Mr. Craig’s input “and that of so many of my other brother and sister officers.”

His biggest challenge may be to prevent—or minimize—layoffs, given both the planned closing of the Rikers Island jails and the city’s fiscal shortfall.


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Elias is an absolute gentleman and professional. He should not be painted with the same brush as Norman, NYC COBA members will miss him down the road, make no mistake about it!

COBA you made a big mistake!


A gentleman? Lmfao! I'm retired since 2015 do I didn't experience much of the husamudeen era if any. From what I understand he was rude and disrespectful to his members. I like Seabrook. He spent time on "working posts" in an "active jail" before he took leadership of the executive board. So I respect that type of experience from a man who worked under similar conditions as i did and can be helpful when someone is in a jam. I had nothing but good experiences with the Seabrook coba. I heard elias first question out of his mouth when someone asked a question was how much time you got on the job? What difference does that make?! I'm a member paying dues. Answer my question. Couldn't tell a contingency of modified officers why they were modified or if there was any end in sight to their modification. Idk, like I said these are all stories I heard. I will also say this under the husamudeen coba the amount of staff members being violently assaulted by inmates and nothing being done about it has been difficult to watch. Thank you.

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