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Plasterer Jobs With City Agencies Open Paying $45 Hourly

Require at Least 3 Years Of Experience; $96 Fee For Exams Starting in March

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The city is accepting application from experienced plasterers through Jan. 25 for multiple-choice tests scheduled to begin March 25. The current minimum salary is $44.82 an hour for a 40-hour workweek. The fee is $96.

The Job

Plasterers, under supervision, prepare and direct the mixing of plastering materials; apply them to walls, ceilings, piers and columns using a hawk and trowel; plaster partition walls and patch plaster walls with limited areas of damage; tape sheet-rock and repair damaged sheet-rock walls; set up and work on scaffolds. They do work in accordance with plans and specifications; keep records; supervise assigned personnel; and may operate a motor vehicle. 

Some of the physical activities performed by Plasterers and environmental conditions experienced are: walking to and from job sites and material storage areas; standing for extended periods of time; standing upright with neck and head extended backward when applying plaster to ceilings; working from scaffolds; communicating orally with helpers; walking over surfaces littered with fallen plaster and debris; working in areas that have plaster dust in the air; and lifting bags weighing up to 80 pounds. 

All Plasterers perform related work and may be required to work various shifts including nights, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


Successful applicants will have either 1) five years of full-time satisfactory experience as a plasterer; or 2) At least three years of full-time satisfactory experience as a plasterer, plus sufficient full-time experience as a plasterer's apprentice or training of a relevant nature to make up the equivalent of five years of acceptable experience. Six months of acceptable experience will be credited for each year of apprentice experience or approved technical, trade or vocational high-school training.

The experience requirement must be met by Jan. 25 and the education requirement by Jan. 31. 

The Exam

A multiple-choice test, designed to assess the extent to which candidates have certain knowledge and abilities determined to be important to the performance of the tasks of a Plasterer, will be given at a computer terminal. 

Task areas to be tested are as follows: work preparation and layout; plastering; tiling; reporting and record- keeping; work site safety; and supervision of staff.

The test may include questions on standards of proper employee ethical conduct. The test may also include questions requiring the use of written comprehension and expression, number facility, information ordering, problem sensitivity and manual dexterity. 

Some questions may need to be answered on the basis of documents or other information supplied to the candidates on the date of the multiple-choice exam.

There will also be a qualifying practical test that will assess the candidate’s ability to prepare plastering materials and apply such materials to interior and exterior surfaces. Only those candidates who pass the multiple-choice test and meet the education and experience requirements will be scheduled to take the practical test. Passing scores on both tests is 70 percent.

For complete information, including on residency and vaccination requirements and on how to apply, go to

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