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Electrical Helper Jobs With NYC Transit; Start at $23 an Hour

$68 Filing Fee for July Tests; Residency Not Required; Competitive Education/Experience Test

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New York City Transit is accepting applications through March 23 for Transit Electrical Helpers, with testing to will begin in July. The minimum salary for Transit Electrical Helpers working in Electrical Power Maintenance is $22.89 an hour. The minimum salary for Transit Electrical Helpers  in other subdivisions is $22.38. 

The application fee is $68. City residency is not required.

The Work

Transit Electrical Helpers, under direct supervision, assist maintainers and supervisors in the installation, maintenance, testing and repair of electrical, electro-mechanical and electronic equipment in various MTA New York City Transit departments. 

Under direct supervision, Transit Electrical Helpers perform the duties indicated below in the following areas: 

  1. In Signal Maintenance, they assist Signal Maintainers and Maintenance Supervisors (Signals), with their work on railroad signal apparatuses, including signals, automatic train stops, electronic control systems, track-circuit equipment, compressors, interlocking machines and related apparatus. They also work with some materials containing asbestos. 
  2. In Lighting Maintenance, they assist Light Maintainers and Maintenance Supervisors (Lighting) in the maintenance, installation, inspection, testing, alteration and repair of lighting and related equipment. 
  3. In Electronic Equipment Maintenance, they assist Electronic Equipment Maintainers and Maintenance Supervisors (Electronic Equipment) with their work on electronic-communication equipment, closed-circuit televisions, control systems and equipment.
  4. In Elevator and Escalator Maintenance, they assist Elevator and Escalator Maintainers and Maintenance Supervisors (Elevators and Escalators) with their work on elevators, escalators, electrically operated drawbridges and all related electrical and mechanical equipment. 
  5. In Electrical Power Maintenance, they assist Power Maintainers–Group B, Power Cable Maintainers and Maintenance Supervisors in the maintenance and repair of mercury-arc and silicon rectifiers, rotary converters, high-tension switch gear, automatic relay panels and circuits, power, telephone and fiber-optic cables, and auxiliary equipment and accessories; and work with materials containing asbestos, mercury and lead. 

Transit Electrical Helpers also work in Ventilation and Drainage Maintenance; Power Distribution (Third Rail) Maintenance; and Telephone Maintenance. 


To qualify, applicants must have 1) Two years of full-time satisfactory experience as a helper in the electrical, electronic, or electro-mechanical fields in the maintenance, repair, testing, construction or installation of electrical equipment; or 2) Graduation from a trade school or technical school, with a major course of study in electrical, electronic or electro-mechanical technology, or a closely related field, totaling 600 hours; or 3) Graduation from a vocational high school with a major course of study in electrical, electronic or electro-mechanical technology, or a closely related field; or 4) An associate's degree or higher degree in those technologies or a closely related field from an accredited college or university.

Experience requirements must be met by March 23. Education requirements must be met by June 30. 

Candidates must have a valid driver’s license and pass a drug screening. They also will be examined to determine whether they can perform the essential functions of the position. 

The Test

The qualifying examination consists of a competitive education-and-experience test and a qualifying multiple-choice test. Scores on the competitive test, which candidates submit with their application, will be used to determine places on the eligible list. They will receive a score of 70 percent on that by meeting the education and experience requirements listed in the “Requirements” section above. 

A score of at least 70 percent is required to pass the qualifying multiple-choice test. Those who achieve a passing score on the competitive education and experience test will be scheduled to take that exam. 

Applicants can receive additional points on the competitive education and experience test if they have supplemental experience 

The eligible list resulting from this examination may also be used to fill vacancies in the title of Signal Maintainer Trainee. 

For complete details on the positions and how to apply, go to

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