Construction Inspector Jobs Offered by City Starting at $53,563

Selective Certification Available; Application fee is $68; Written Test in Oct.; Apply by Aug. 27

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The city is accepting applications for Inspector (Construction) through Aug. 27 for tests scheduled to begin Oct. 26. The salary is $53,563.

City residency is not required, unless applicants accept an appointment after selective certification for Special Patrolman (see below). The application fee is $68.

Inspectors (Construction) examine the construction, repair or alteration of structures to insure conformance with building codes, standards, plans and specifications, and issue summonses for non-compliance.

Hands-on Work

They visit work sites and check structures under construction, alteration or repair, including structural components of one- and two-family dwellings, to insure compliance with laws, ordinances and approved plans and specifications; inspect and issue violations for unsafe conditions found in buildings damaged by fires or accidents, and in buildings prior to or after being moved; surveill manholes, trunk lines and transformer vaults during construction; peruse job sites for compliance with zoning and labor laws; look over demolition of structures; and examine theaters, hotels, hospitals, halls, amusement-park structures and other places of assembly for safety conditions.

They also check building material as to quality, grade marks and identifying marks; investigate and report on complaints of violations of building codes and assist in prosecution of cases; issue violations and summonses; testify in court; explain and interpret building codes and regulations; and prepare reports of inspections. 

They may be required to work various shifts including nights, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


Applicants must have 1) Two years of full-time experience in the construction trade as a carpenter, mason, ironworker, plasterer, architect, engineer, building-construction superintendent, or inspector of building construction, or in related work; or 2) A license as a professional engineer or registered architect or a license as a Site Safety Manager issued by the NYC Department of Buildings; or 3) 60 semester credits towards a degree in civil engineering, engineering technology, architecture, architectural technology, construction management or a closely related field; or 4) One year of experience as described in “1” above and one year of formal training or education in a construction program; or 5) Completion of an apprentice program, a minimum of two years in length, in a construction trade or in building inspection; or 6) Education and/or experience which is equivalent to “1,” “3,” “4” or “5” above.

A driver’s license may be required for certain assignments. Applicants must pass a drug screening to be appointed.

Applicants will be given a multiple-choice exam. Test scores will be used to determine places on an eligible list. Task areas to be tested may include questions on construction materials; construction, alterations and repairs done on structures by carpenters, masons, plasterers and ironworkers; interpretation of the NYC Building Code and Zoning Regulations; construction plans and specifications; safety practices; and other related areas. It may also include questions regarding written comprehension and expression, and number facility. A passing score is 70 percent.

Selective Certifications

Applicants with two years of full-time experience in the inspection of construction in accordance with the NYC Construction Codes may be considered for appointment to positions in the Department of Buildings that require this experience through a process called Selective Certification. Those who qualify for Selective Certification may be given preferred consideration for positions requiring this experience.

Applicants should follow the instructions given on the day of the test to indicate their interest in Selective Certification.

All candidates who are appointed through this Selective Certification will undergo a background check conducted by the NYPD.

Complete information on the qualifications, application requirements and procedures for the Inspectors (Gardeners) post and on Selective Certification is available at

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