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Car Inspector Jobs With NYC Transit Start at $33.55/Hr

Education-and- Experience, Practical Skills Exams; Apply by May 25 For Aug. Tests

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The MTA is accepting applications for Car Inspectors for exams expected to start Aug. 19. The current minimum salary for Car Inspectors is $33.55 per hour for a 40-hour work week, increasing to $39.47 per hour in the sixth year of service.

The eligible list resulting from this examination may also be used to appoint Road Car Inspectors. The current salary for that job is $40.49 per hour. 

Benefits for both jobs include night and weekend salary differentials, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, a comprehensive medical plan and a pension.

The application fee is $85. The deadline to apply is May 25. 

The Job

Car Inspectors maintain, inspect, test, examine, lubricate, troubleshoot and make repairs and adjustments on any part of New York City Transit’s multiple-unit subway cars and subway-service cars in the car shops, terminals, yards and on the road. 

They also maintain and repair subway-car washers and shop equipment; operate and maintain lifting and carrying equipment associated with the placement and removal of subway cars and subway-car parts; keep records and prepare reports; and perform related work.

Road Car Inspectors detect trouble on any part of NYC Transit’s multiple-unit subway cars and subway-service cars on the road and in terminals, including subway car body and truck equipment, subway car body and truck brake rigging, electrical and pneumatic brake equipment, and electrical and electronic control and motor equipment. They make necessary repairs to keep subway cars in service or enable them to be moved to sidings or terminals; operate a motor vehicle; keep records and prepare reports.

Some of the physical activities performed by Car and Road Car Inspectors and the environmental conditions they experience are: working outdoors in all weather conditions, crouching under subway cars along trackways, reaching into dark spaces and making tactile inspections, making visual inspections of equipment, distinguishing colors, reading gauges and prints, using ladders to climb up to trackways, working on elevated structures, operating heavy machinery and equipment, using hand tools, communicating verbally with crew and passengers regarding train troubles experienced on the road, and carrying heavy tools and equipment.


By May 25, applicants must have either: 1) Three years of full-time satisfactory experience as a journey-level mechanic (i.e., a fully trained, knowledgeable, experienced, proficient and competent mechanic) working from drawings, performing either (a) the troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of large heavy duty electromechanical, electric or electronic equipment and/or machinery; or (b) the inspection, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of multiple-unit electrical railroad cars or diesel electric locomotives. 

Or 2) Two years of full-time satisfactory experience at the journey level as described in paragraph “1” above, plus completion of one of the following listed below before obtaining your journey-level experience: A) Two years of full-time experience as a mechanic’s helper, apprentice or trainee performing or assisting in the work described above; or B) Graduation from a recognized trade school or technical school with a major course of study in electromechanical, electrical or electronic technology, or a closely related field totaling at least 600 hours; or C) Graduation from a vocational high school with a major course of study in electromechanical, electrical or electronic technology, or a closely related field; or D) An associate’s in applied science degree, or a higher degree in electromechanical, electrical or electronic technology or a closely related field.

Road Car Inspectors, at the time of appointment, must have a valid driver’s license valid with no disqualifying restrictions. 

City residency is not required. 

Detailed information on the positions, including on how to apply is available online at

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