The Department of Citywide Administrative Services has certified sections of the eligible lists below for appointments and promotions in city agencies, subject to the 1-in-3 rule. Some of the appointments and promotions may already have been made.


ASSISTANT CIVIL ENGINEER—200 eligibles between Nos. 13 and 388 on List 9026 for 4 jobs in Department of Environmental Protection.

BOOKKEEPER—69 eligibles between Nos. 397 and 493 on List 5015 for 1 job in NYC Employees’ Retirement System.

CALL CENTER REPRESENTATIVE—337 eligibles between Nos. 115 and 712 on List 9021 for 21 jobs in Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

COMPUTER SPECIALIST (SOFTWARE)—9 eligibles between Nos. 1218 and 2342 on List 7005 for 1 job in Department of Consumer Affairs.

RESEARCH ASSISTANT—118 eligibles between Nos. 17 and 609 on List 8040 for 2 jobs in DCA.

URBAN PARK RANGER—3 eligibles (Nos. 220, 324 and 449) on List 7043 for 2 jobs in Department of Parks and Recreation.


ADMINISTRATIVE ARCHITECT—22 eligibles (Nos. 1-22) on List 576 for 1 job in Department of Buildings.

ADMINISTRATIVE BUSINESS PROMOTION COORDINATOR—3 eligibles (Nos. 1-3) on List 516 for 1 job in DCA.

ASSOCIATE CALL CENTER REPRESENTATIVE—36 eligibles between Nos. 8 and 94 on List 8500 for 3 jobs in DOITT.

ASSOCIATE FIRE PROTECTION INSPECTOR—68 eligibles between Nos. 1 and 71 on List 9543 for 16 jobs in Fire Department.


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