The Department of Citywide Administrative Services has certified sections of the eligible lists below for appointments and promotions in city agencies, subject to the 1-in-3 rule. Some of the appointments and promotions may already have been made.


ADMINISTRATIVE PROCUREMENT ANALYST—73 eligibles between Nos. 6 and 263 on List 7041 for 1 job in Department of Finance.

ASSOCIATE STAFF ANALYST—23 eligibles between Nos. 1059 and 1476.5 on List 5014 for 3 jobs in DOF.

AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE WORKER—2 eligibles between Nos. 212 and 255 on List 8002 to replace 1 provisional in Fire Department.

CARPENTER—5 eligibles (Nos. 10, 18, 147, 353 and 370) on List 4024 for 1 job in FDNY.

COMPUTER ASSOCIATE (SOFTWARE)—62 eligibles between Nos. 42 and 812 on List 7002 for 5 jobs at NYC Transit.

COMPUTER ASSOCIATE (TECHNICAL SUPPORT)—268 eligibles between Nos. 65 and 839 on List 7003 for 5 jobs in Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

COMPUTER SPECIALIST (SOFTWARE)—From List 7005: 62 eligibles between Nos. 47.5 and 1963 for 5 jobs at NYC Transit and 14 eligibles between Nos. 1604 and 2385 for 5 jobs in Human Resources Administration/Department of Social Services.

CUSTOMER INFORMATION REPRESENTATIVE—32 eligibles between Nos. 3.5 and 242 on List 7042 to replace 5 provisionals in Department of Education.

ELECTRICIAN—2 eligibles (Nos. 49 and 59) on List 8013 and 1 eligible (No. 108) on List 5023 for any of 4 jobs in Department of Correction.

INVESTIGATOR—43 eligibles between Nos. 234 and 592 on List 6007 to replace 1 provisional in FDNY.

PRINCIPAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSOCIATE—115 eligibles between Nos. 379 and 877 on List 5039 for 1 job in DOC.

PROCUREMENT ANALYST—From List 7019: 8 eligibles between Nos. 593 and 814 for 5 jobs in Department of Transportation and 24 eligibles between Nos. 231 and 538 for 1 job in DOE.

SEWAGE TREATMENT WORKER—2 eligibles (Nos. 95 and 285) on List 8313 to replace 2 provisionals in Department of Environmental Protection.

SOCIAL WORKER—30 eligibles between Nos. 8 and 378 on List 8021 for 1 job at HA.


ACCOUNTANT—1 eligible (No. 1) on List 8540 for 1 job in Taxi and Limousine Commission.

ADMINISTRATIVE EDUCATION OFFICER—59 eligibles (Nos. 1-59) on List 9501 to replace any of 85 provisionals in DOE.

ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER—1 eligible (No. 15.5) on List 5516 for 1 job in Department of Buildings.

COMPUTER ASSOCIATE (OPERATIONS)—6 eligibles (Nos. 1-6) on List 8530 to replace 4 provisionals in Comptroller’s Office.

ELEVATOR MECHANIC—54 eligibles between Nos. 50 and 104 on List 7517 for 20 jobs at Housing Authority.

PRINCIPAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSOCIATE—From List 5537: 1 eligible (No. 1) to replace 1 provisional in DOC and 13 eligibles between Nos. 6 and 76 for 1 job in DOB.

RESIDENT BUILDINGS SUPERINTENDENT—9 eligibles between Nos. 20 and 174 on List 8508 for any of 14 jobs at HA.


COMPUTER ASSOCIATE (OPERATIONS)—1 eligible (No. 132.5) on List 8414 for any of 4 jobs in Comptroller’s Office.


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