The Department of Citywide Administrative Services has certified sections of the eligible lists below for appointments and promotions in city agencies, subject to the 1-in-3 rule. Some of the appointments and promotions may already have been made.


ADMINISTRATIVE CONTRACT SPECIALIST—257 eligibles between Nos. 1 and 370 on List 8041 for 5 jobs in Department of Consumer Affairs.

ASSOCIATE PARK SERVICE WORKER—10 eligibles between Nos. 23 and 172 on List 8049 to replace 1 provisional in Department of Parks and Recreation.

ASSOCIATE PROJECT MANAGER—1 eligible (No. 251) on List 5013 to replace any of 5 provisionals in Fire Department and to replace any of 4 provisionals in Department of Environmental Protection.

CAR MAINTAINER - GROUP B—7 eligibles (Nos. 1-7) on List 9607 for any of 15 jobs at NYC Transit.

CERTIFIED IT ADMINISTRATOR (DATABASE)—From List 112: 197 eligibles between Nos. 1 and 201 for 7 jobs in Department of Education and 139 eligibles between Nos. 1 and 143 for 1 job in Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

COMPUTER ASSOCIATE (OPERATIONS)—275 eligibles between Nos. 15 and 466 on List 8043 for 5 jobs in Police Department.

EDUCATION OFFICER—57 eligibles (Nos. 1-57) on List 9027 and 2 eligibles (252 and 275) on List 5022 for 1 job in DOE.

PROBATION OFFICER—23 eligibles between Nos. 1.5 and 81 on List 9082, 7 eligibles between Nos. 16.5 and 133 on List 9001, 7 eligibles between Nos. 94 and 328 on List 8065, 3 eligibles (Nos. 4, 32 and 209) on List 8001 and 1 eligible (No. 149) on List 6029 for 1 job in Department of Probation.

SIGNAL MAINTAINER—1 eligible (No. 19) on List 8612 and 1 eligible (No. 98) on List 7601 for any of 40 jobs at NYC Transit.


ASSOCIATE PARK SERVICE WORKER—4 eligibles (Nos. 31, 191, 237 and 273) on List 8501 to replace of 1 provisional in DPR and 9 eligibles (Nos. 1-9) on List 9502 to replace 4 provisionals in DEP.

ASSOCIATE PROJECT MANAGER—2 eligibles (Nos. 2 and 4) on List 9502 to replace any of 5 provisionals in FDNY.

CAR MAINTAINER - GROUP B—1 eligible (No. 1) on List 9714 for any of 15 jobs at NYC Transit.

MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR (ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS)—7 eligibles between Nos. 13 and 25 on List 8727 and 1 eligible (No. 8) on List 7705 for 5 jobs at NYC Transit.

MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR (SIGNALS)—2 eligibles (Nos. 104 and 105) on List 6717 for any of 15 jobs at NYC Transit.


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