The Department of Citywide Administrative Services has certified sections of the eligible lists below for appointments and promotions in city agencies, subject to the 1-in-3 rule. Some of the appointments and promotions may already have been made.


ADMINISTRATIVE PROCUREMENT ANALYST—69 eligibles between Nos. 14 and 477 on List 7041 to replace 1 provisional in Department of Technology and Telecommunications.

ASSOCIATE CASHIER (TA)—30 eligibles between Nos. 184 and 211 on List 2614 for 10 jobs at NYC Transit.

ASSOCIATE STAFF ANALYST—28 eligibles between Nos. 995 and 1476.5 on List 5014 for 1 jobs in DOITT.

AUTO MECHANIC—From List 8006: 170 eligibles (Nos. 1-170) to replace 18 provisionals in Police Department, 5 provisionals in Department of Correction, 54 provisionals in Department of Sanitation and 35 provisionals in Fire Department, and 55 eligibles (Nos. 1-55) to replace 1 provisional each in Department of Parks and Recreation and Department of Citywide Administrative Services.

CASHIER—139 eligibles between Nos. 219 and 569 on List 2031 for 9 jobs in DOC.

CEMENT MASON—63 eligibles between Nos. 3 and 94 on List 8027 for 1 job in Human Resources Administration/Department of Social Services.

CERTIFIED IT ADMINISTRATOR (LAN/WAN)—65 eligibles between Nos. 21 and 894 on List 6049 for 1 job in DCAS.

COMPUTER ASSOCIATE (SOFTWARE)—24 eligibles between Nos. 70 and 1505 on List 7002 to replace 1 provisional in Department of Buildings.

COMPUTER ASSOCIATE (TECHNICAL SUPPORT)—269 eligibles between Nos. 2 and 839 on List 7003 to replace 1 provisional in DOB.

COMPUTER PROGRAMMER ANALYST—29 eligibles between Nos. 140 and 424 on List 7004 for 3 jobs in Department of Environmental Protection.

ELECTRICIAN—101 eligibles (Nos. 1-101) on List 8013 to replace 18 provisionals in Department of Education.

MACHINIST—30 eligibles between Nos. 1 and 35 on List 8000 to replace 12 provisionals in DSNY.

MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR (SURFACE)—2 eligibles (Nos. 5 and 27) on List 4604 for any of 5 jobs at NYC Transit.

MECHANICAL ENGINEER—2 eligibles (Nos. 37 and 52) on List 7038 to replace 2 provisionals in DOB.

PROCUREMENT ANALYST—12 eligibles between Nos. 180 and 744 on List 7019 for 1 job in DOITT.

STATIONARY ENGINEER—4 eligibles (Nos. 69, 70, 161 and 194) on List 7026 for 1 job each in DEP, DSNY and DPR.


ASSOCIATE JOB OPPORTUNITY SPECIALIST—150 eligibles between Nos. 187 and 379 on List 5522 for 7 jobs in HRA/DSS.

AUTO MECHANIC—From List 8511: 14 eligibles (Nos. 1-14) to replace any of 18 provisionals in NYPD and 4 eligibles (Nos. 1-4) to replace any of 35 provisionals in FDNY.

AUTO MECHANIC (DIESEL)—1 eligible (No. 1) on List 8512 to replace 1 provisionals in DOC.

CHILD PROTECTIVE SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR—56 eligibles between Nos. 284 and 804 on List 6508 to replace 15 provisionals in Administration for Children’s Services.

COMPUTER ASSOCIATE (OPERATIONS)—1 eligible (No. 1) on List 8530 for 1 job at Taxi and Limousine Commission.

MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR (POWER DISTRIBUTION)—2 eligibles (Nos. 1 and 11) on List 7707 to replace 1 provisional at NYC Transit.

MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR (SURFACE)—3 eligibles (Nos. 3, 49 and 51) on List 5708 for any of 5 jobs at NYC Transit.

RECREATION SUPERVISOR—9 eligibles (Nos. 1-9) on List 8550 to replace 1 provisional in DPR.

SUPERVISING SPECIAL OFFICER—20 eligibles between Nos. 1 and 23 on List 8519 and 10 eligibles between Nos. 35 and 44 on List 5512 for 3 jobs in HRA/DSS.

SUPERVISOR III (SOCIAL SERVICES)—9 eligibles between Nos. 87 and 128 on List 2523 for 1 job in HRA/DSS.

SUPERVISOR PLUMBER—21 eligibles between Nos. 9 and 32 on List 8515 to replace 2 provisionals at Housing Authority.

TRAFFIC DEVICE MAINTAINER—16 eligibles (Nos. 1-16) on List 8549 to replace any of 78 provisionals in Department of Transportation.


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