rwarren commented on Making Russia Great Again

I wasn't aware that Putin had forced the Democrats to nominate their weakest candidate in 2016.

rwarren commented on 'Lean on Me': Not in NYC?

Only one problem with this letter, wearing a cap in school is comparable to thuggish behavior? I expect way better from Ron Isaac.

rwarren commented on Trump's Failed Coup

If he promised to play golf all day for the rest of his term, would you trust his word on that? In this country, you can get away with a lot if you're white and rich. If there was justice, Trump would already have been impeached, convicted, removed from the White House in handcuffs and af…

rwarren commented on Trump Backers Lack Facts

If it wasn't for the last two sentences of paragraph 2, this would have been a perfect letter. Even if those 12 Russians believed they would get a fair trial in America (which they wouldn't), they would not uproot their lives and come here to stand trial. They are alleged to have put ads …

rwarren commented on A Fairer Presidential Tally

I guess just going by the popular vote would be too logical.

rwarren commented on Fear and Loathing of Dems

A 50-50 tie that would have to be broken by the vice president is a supermajority? Chuck Schumer is a hard leftist? Is Landers an immigrant? What planet did he come from?

rwarren commented on Trump's Desperate Attack

Excellent. The problems with the mainstream media are that they will promote anyone who helps them sell papers or get ratings as well as any candidate who will keep the taxes of their rich owners low or lower them even more.

rwarren commented on Pardon the Abuse Of Power

Actually, a pardon could be used to free wrongly convicted and other wrongly accused people. But I won't hold my breath waiting for President Trump or President to be Biden to pardon Leonard Peltier, Bradley/Chelsea Manning or Julian Assange.

rwarren commented on Fiscal Hawks Dive on Dems

This letter is superb. It's of the quality that all of Cannisi letter's were prior to late 2017. Please give us more of this caliber.

rwarren commented on Fiscal Responsibility Needed

There are plenty of positive ways to cut the budget. But since Biden has consistently supported wasteful defense spending and unjustified wars, I doubt he will cut that.